• BioTropic takes over the Meckenheim apple grower's farm

    The agricultural operations will be turned into a Demeter-standard organic farm over the next few years.
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  • Sascha Suler on Tour in South America

    Our Operations Manager of BioTropic Duisburg, Sascha Suler, visited our agricultural projects in Costa Rica and in the Dominican Republic to get an idea of the conditions on site.
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  • Film: A Journey to Apulia and Calabria with BioTropic

    We again followed the origin of our Italian fruit and vegetables and took a few organic store owners with us on our trip, while employees of organic wholesaler Rinklin were also there. Our journey led us into the regions of Apulia and Calabria, two areas at the country’s “boot heel”.
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  • BioTropic at Moroccan eco-pioneer PBS

    As is the case every year in the autumn, a few of our employees packed their bags and travelled to Morocco to “Primeurs Biologiques du Souss” (PBS). There they met owner Lahcen El Hjouji and his son Mehdi. PBS is the largest employer in the region for organic fruit and vegetables.
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  • “SmartFresh”: when your apple is one year old…

    The apples on the supermarket shelves are at their crispest, and are one thing above all: naturally fresh. But even months later some apples look as good as new. How is that possible?
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  • Apple Harvest Time with Hubert Bois

    Snow White would definitely bite into these straight away. The apples currently being harvested by Hubert Bois are crisp and beautifully red. “The rich colours are a result of the difference in temperature between day and night,” says Bois. And which variety does he like best?
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  • School equipment for Milagros

    As in many parts of the world, the new school year has begun in the Dominican Republic. For this reason, the employees of the Dominican Biotropic Srl have once again put together an awesome package for the “Milagros children” this year.
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  • Film: Journey to the Ivory Coast

    Here you’ll find a short film about our journey to the Ivory Coast in May 2018. We get organic pineapples, mangos, and coconuts from the local producer group Ivoire Organics.
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  • BioTropic oranges versus depressing concrete

    Oranges are already intuitively reminiscent of little shining suns. Hundreds of them can then brighten up the greyest grey too. It was shown just what this might look like as part of an art campaign in Cologne. 200 kilos of our organic oranges were hung from the ceiling of a passage on Ebertplatz square.
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  • Organic apples from overseas – environmentally friendly?

    Why an organic apple from overseas is preferable to a conventional apple.
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  • High-tech mango ripening & sorting facilities at BioTropic

    Finally we are ready: Our four mango ripening chambers and our new mango sorting machine are installed at BioTropic’s main site in Duisburg!
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BioTropic introduces organic pomegranates from Söke in Turkey

The pomegranate is a very old crop plant, which was even cultivated in ancient Egyptian gardens. Originally native to the area between Iran and India, the pomegranate has been grown and appreciated in the Mediterranean regions for a long time. In the ancient world, the fruit was known as a symbol of fertility because of its many seed kernels and in biblical paradise it is said to have been the apple from the tree of knowledge. Pomegranates are one of the more nutritious types of fruit. They contain many antioxidants, potassium and B-vitamins.