Alfred Haase

As quality control manager Alfred Haase has a diverse range of tasks to fulfil. He came across ecological agriculture before he completed his studies in agricultural sciences in Bonn and he identified it as being a sustainable and meaningful approach to agriculture. Since then Alfred Haase has been working in the organic sector for many years and is an old hand in the business.

„Ensuring quality is a key factor at BioTropic and in general it means that we do everything we can to sell safe and top-quality produce,“ he says.

That is why Alfred Haase has an eye for the smallest detail. He ensures that residue analyses are conducted on our organic products on a regular basis; he checks and records all operations in the company (under the heading „IFS“ = International Featured Standards) and audits suppliers. This is because you have to have complete traceability and transparency for operations to be able to guarantee that a product is 100% satisfactory. Encouragingly, consumer demand for environmentally and socially compatible production which can be demonstrated and understood is increasing all the time too, notes Alfred Haase.

Improving quality by working in a team: by working together with experts from BNN-Monitoring and those working for accredited laboratories, Alfred Haase has access to a wide range of experience and knowledge.

The father of three sons lives in a rural setting in a village in Westphalia. At home he likes to unwind by immersing himself in metalwork and woodwork.
Contact person quality control manager:
Alfred Haase
T +49 (0)203 51 87 61 82
F +49 (0)203 51 87 63 180