Mauro Finotti

As a trained agricultural engineer, Mauro Finotti is an expert in quality management at BioTropic. As well as land management and cultivation planning, his activities also include consultancy and visiting producers worldwide ‒ and being a new partner with whom BioTropic could work.

After a short period of work experience in conventional farming, he quickly became aware of the harmful effects that synthetic pesticides have on people and the environment.

He values organic farming, which is not only healthier for the farmers themselves (a fact that often goes unmentioned), but also most importantly interacts with our environment in a more resource-efficient manner. He is also lucratively maintaining the social tone of discussion in the organic sector, in which there is generally cooperation between people and which is based on more than just profit margins and commercial categories ‒ on fair play, even.

In private, he devotes himself first and foremost to his family. Time permitting, he also enjoys mountain trekking, skiing, cycling, running, diving and reading.

Agricultural engineering contact, Italy:
Mauro Finotti
T +39 0547 63 45 13
F +39 0547 63 45 30
M +39 335 64 44 692