Organic grapefruits and other citrus fruits from Groenheuwel in South Africa

Wonderfully fruit, delightfully bitter and sweet to tangy: these are the kinds of amazing taste sensations that you can expect when you try this grapefruit for the first time.

Our large citrus fruit comes from Groenheuwel in the north of South Africa. The ‘Star Ruby’ variety, known for being somewhat sweeter than the original grapefruit, grows on the Spangenbergs’ farm.

The fruits are harvested in April in Groenheuwel. “The season probably lasts until August”, explains our Dutch employee Maurice Honselaar (purchase & sale). “Thanks to the good balance between hot summer days and cool nights, the Brix values are particularly good and the colour of the skin is beautifully intense”, he adds.

In Groenheuwel they not only cultivate organic grapefruits, but also organically grown oranges and lemons. The season for lemons is almost at exactly the same time as the grapefruit season in May; the oranges join the party from mid-June.

The Spangenbergs want to expand their portfolio and they therefore planted mandarin trees last year; the varieties are called ‘Nadorcott’ and ‘Tango’, both of which do not have pips and are absolute stars in growing regions around the world. The first fruits are expected in 2-3 years.

They have also added a packaging machine for grapefruits and oranges to their own packaging station. The fruits can now be calibrated faster and more precisely.

Text: Visnja Malesic
Images: BioTropic GmbH
As of: May 2016

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