Organic, freshly harvested pears from Argentina for BioTropic

The season for European pears is slowly coming to an end. To cover demand, we must, therefore, look elsewhere and that’s the time for freshly harvested pears from Argentina! Our specialists here are the producers Ernesto Bartusch and Sergio Cosi of La Conquista.

At the end of February we will receive the first Williams pears. This year, the harvest took place a little later. The reason for this was the naturally later flowering of the trees – the plants are, after all, not machines which work like clockwork. A force of nature of a totally different kind was hailstorms with hail the size of tennis balls which ruined many fruits. Several producers have, therefore, invested in hail protection.

Despite this, Ernesto Bartusch and Sergio Cosi are satisfied with the harvest – we, too, think that the Williams pears are exactly as they should be: not too soft with a balanced sugar-acid taste and particularly fresh.

The red and green Red Bartlett will follow from mid March.

Text: Visnja Malesic
Photos: BioTropic GmbH
Version: February 2016

Tags: Argentina (GB), Pears (GB), La Conquista (GB)