A journey to Ivory Coast

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In order to give an impression of how the organic cultivation of products in the Ivory Coast works and to introduce our projects on site, we have embarked on a journey with a few customers to the plantations on site. The impressions and experiences are difficult to express in just a few sentences.

The journey was very inspiring, impressive and challenging. Everyone on the trip now sees the organic fruits which come to us from this hot and lively country through different eyes.
The conditions of the fruit cultivation are described in the report and one can get an idea of which route they cover from the plantations to the port.
Afterwards, they are transported in the best circumstances by boat for a further 11-17 days and unloaded in Antwerp.
From Antwerp, the products are transported by lorry to our warehouses at BioTropic/Holland or BioTropic/Duisburg for further distribution to our customers.

Travel report (PDF):

Our marketing colleagues tried to capture everything in images and words for you—this takes you to our detailed travel report:

Travel report (PDF) 

Text: Regina Kerz
Pictures: BioTropic GmbH
Version from June 2018

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