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Fruits and vegetables grow in every imaginable shape and flavour: organic pineapples, apples, bananas, ginger, mangos, tomatoes and much more – this is just a sample from our wide selection.
With our worldwide network of producers, we can supply part of our product assortment year-round. Ask us about other products.

Packaging protects the valuable and carefully cultivated products against environmental effect, damage, contamination and volume loss. This must also meet the logistical requirements of the modern organic market.
We can offer our organic fruits and vegetables from all parts of the world in various types of packaging:

• Flow-pack
• Cotton net bags
• Cardboard or styrofoam (recyclable and CFC free) trays


Explanation of the map:
This fruit and vegetable map gives you an overview of the countries in which we are active. The fruit and vegetable products shown on the map are just a small part of our portfolio.