🎬 Start of the Nadorcott mandarin season in Morocco

While winter still prevails in Western Europe and the trees remain bare, sun-kissed Nadorcott mandarins are now making their way to us from Morocco.

The orange fruit is grown by Soumia Lomri und Emile Grac, on their farm, Le Verger Bio. Situated between the port city of Essaouira and Marrakesh, magnificent mandarins, oranges and figs are grown organically on approximately 100 hectares of land.

“The Nadorcott mandarins have developed a wonderful colour thanks to the favourable weather conditions. And the size of the fruit will be larger this year, too,” says Odile Bouron, our operations manager at the French branch of BioTropic. She adds: “In some cases, the branches were extremely heavily-laden and had to be supported as a precaution.”

Above all, however, Nadorcotts are exceptionally tasty - the flavour of the fruit is perfectly balanced between aromatically sweet and delicately acidic, so it can be enjoyed by all. In addition, Nadorcott mandarins are generally seedless and easy to peel.

The great depth of flavour which characterises our Nadorcott mandarins is no accident: the variety actually has its origins in Morocco. It was grown there for the first time and is perfectly suited to the climate and soil conditions. BioTropic sells its Nadorcott mandarins exclusively in Europe.

Emile Grac from Le Verger Bio looks after a friend’s small organic lemon plantation, too. We are also currently marketing the ‘Eureka’ variety of the yellow sun fruits.

Soumia  and Emile are considering expanding the range of fruits grown in their very own ‘Garden of Eden’ this year to include organic apricots, peaches and grapes. We will keep you up to date with developments.

An image from very early in 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic still seemed a long way off: BioTropic visiting Soumia and Emile from Le Verger Bio (from left to right: Willem Bakker, Soumia Lomri, Emile Grac and Odile Bouron)


Le Verger Bio gives a glimpse into its mandarin groves and production here:


Text: Visnja Malesic
Images: BioTropic GmbH
Video: Le Verger Bio
Last updated: February 2021

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