BioTropic: New Branch in Costa Rica

If anyone asks our employees what their favourite part of working for BioTropic is, the answer is nearly always the same: The global nature of BioTropic.

Another global network is emerging with our new branch in Costa Rica. BioTropic currently has seven offices around the world – five in Europe, one in South America, and the new addition in Central America. This means that we can operate directly on location with producers, and meet them face to face.

On a global level, organic cultivation in Costa Rica is still a 'tiny bud'. International fruit corporations such as Dole, Chiquita or Del Monte set the pace for fruit cultivation, with conventionally farmed bananas and pineapples. Along with coffee, these fruits are the country's most essential agricultural exports. However, there are also people here who take a different approach, and prefer resource-saving and sustainable farming.

The contact for the new BioTropic branch in Costa Rica is Lisbeth Mora. The 36-year-old grew up in a farming family in the north of Costa Rica. She later moved to the capital, San José, to study. She is in regular contact with the local organic producers. They cultivate ginger, turmeric, and sweet potatoes in organic quality for BioTropic. Lisbeth is often on location in the fields, and monitors the quality of the fruit. "I like seeing the results directly for myself. So I have an idea about the best time and place that the fruits can be harvested, as well as the time for the best quality," she says. After the field check, the fruit then goes to the packing station, where she keeps an eye on the packers.

The working day in the office also takes up a lot of time: Lisbeth makes sure that all points in the supply chain are organised and managed. Making sure that the export papers have been filled out, the nearest farmers have been called, or scheduled agreements with colleagues in Duisburg have been kept. Terms from the economic dictionary, brought to life here.

Our organic specialist is regularly on the lookout for interested small organic producers, or those who want to get involved in organic production. Many of them have little to no experience with exports and the relevant certificates. Lisbeth supports them with organisation and filling out the necessary papers.

"There is a special place in my heart for organic farming and the opportunity for rural development," says Lisbeth, and adds: "My job at BioTropic enables me to combine international trade with social action. I also love being able to buy qualitatively high-value products directly from producers - while also supporting the families who grow the fruits. I think it is our responsibility to ensure that we have a sustainable and healthy world for future generations. At BioTropic, I'm making my contribution to that."

Text: Visnja Malesic
Images: BioTropic GmbH | globe: ©pixabay
Version: May 2017

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