Oranges and Grapefruit from South Africa

The "Groenheuwel" farm owned by André and Madeline Spangenberg is located in a fertile area on the border of the Kalahari savannah in the north of South Africa. Thanks to the Oranje river nearby, the fruit on the farm owned by the Spangenberg family grows particularly well in the sunny stretch of land.

For several years we have been sourcing our "Star Ruby" organic grapefruit and organic oranges with sonorous names such as "Valencia" and "Navel" from the Spangenberg family every summer. The grapefruit season has just ended while we shall still be able to obtain oranges for another few weeks.

The Spangenbergs are paid a visit by our Dutch BioTropic employees at least once a year. Maurice Honselaar and Ronald Vianen discuss the coming season on the farm and get a picture of the farm and the 6,000 or so hectares of farmland surrounding it. Moreover, not only the Spangenbergs, but the farmworkers and their families live there too.

Tags: Grapefruit (GB), Groenheuwel Boerdery (GB), Maurice Honselaar (GB), Oranges (GB), Ronald Vianen (GB), South Africa (GB)

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