Dominican Republic: the latest developments

What is the current project status of the Eco centre? The answer is that the Training pavilion is still under construction, any number of plants still have to be labelled and the greenhouse is empty. Or put it another way: We are working hard to press ahead with everything!

And it is actually a pleasure to observe progress being made from day to day. For example different banana varieties were recently planted to establish a Banana heritage trail. Since in addition to the everyday 'Cavendish' banana there is also a large number of other varieties distinguished by differing sizes, colours and natural aromas.

In addition to this, there is a student trainee from the Dominican ISA University working in the Eco Centre for three months. He spends most of the time assisting our gardener Pedro Pena in the park. His work experience also includes creating a list of plants with all the relevant information necessary for labelling all the plants as planned.

Although the centre will only be opened officially in a few months' time, small groups of schoolchildren and students have already been welcomed. There is plenty to show visitors. Most of the plants have been planted, paths have been laid, the small lake has been created and a reed bed has been planted, the photovoltaic system is up and running, the fruit and vegetables are growing away and are coming up for harvest. And we shall cover what happens to the many harvested fruits in our next report.

Tags: Dominican Republic (GB), Ecological Centre "Cibao" (GB)

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