Organic kiwis from Chile: they are impressive!

We have been offering fresh kiwis from Chile for sale again since last Friday. They are grown on Ignacio Lopez's Finca San Roque Farms -- the harvest lasted two weeks. The fertile Bío Bío region in the heart of Chile provides excellent growing conditions for the Hayward variety of kiwis due to its mild climate.

In November last year Ronald Vianen and Joep van Koevorden, members of staff at Dutch BioTropic visited Ignacio Lopez on his farm. At the time of their visit the kiwi plants were still in full blossom. As a result of an unexpected period of frost, the harvest has turned out to be much less than in the previous year.

Ignacio's father planted the first kiwis meeting organic criteria in the mid-1980s. After Ignacio had studied in Chile and in the USA, he took over his father's farm. Today the kiwi plantation covers 13 hectares. In addition to kiwis, Ignacio also grows organic green asparagus as well as blueberries and raspberries. Altogether, he cultivates 130 hectares. He produces his own valuable compost -- to this end he keeps his own cows on his farm. That is why he can also envisage farming according to Demeter biodynamic standards in the future.

The 35-year old lives with his Belgian wife Fannie and his 2-year old daughter Mathilde on the farm.

Kiwis are well-known for their high vitamin C content. One large fruit alone can cover the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Kiwi fruits may be stored in the vegetable drawer of a fridge for several weeks. Ripe kiwi fruit are soft to the touch. Kiwis which are still hard may simply be left to ripen at room temperature.

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