New Mango grading machine for Ivoire Organics

A grading machine for organic mangoes has entered operation very recently in our new packing facility building in Korhogo.

If you are confronted with a machine you normally find out what it does and enquire about its performance -- but very few people actually ask where it comes from.

Ours comes from Lassina Traoré, whose workshop is not very far away from Korhogo. We came across him as a result of a word-of-mouth recommendation. Lassina Traoré is a self-taught and self-made engineer who is good with his hands and has a clever head. It took him about three months to build and set up a piece of equipment for us on site. The advantages of having a machine made in the same country as opposed to importing one from another country are obvious. Building a machine locally creates local jobs and should anything go wrong it is much more straightforward to carry out a repair: this obviates the need to endure protracted customs formalities.

The first mangoes have already been handled by the machine. The machine dimensions are approximately 1.5 m x 17 m. It cleans and sorts the mangoes while employees grade the fruit by quality and pack them into cardboard boxes.

In addition to mangoes home-grown organic cashew nuts are also processed and packed in the packing station.

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