Argentina and Chile: Ronald Vianen out and about

Our Dutch Operations Manager Ronald Vianen once again visited Argentina and Chile at the end of January. There, our trade partners are in the middle of the harvest for apples, pears, pumpkins and plums. As well as visiting and examining the fruit in the plantations and the packing houses, important topics such as order quantities, prices, standards and suggestions for the coming season were discussed.

Ronald Vianen is on the whole satisfied with this year's harvest. Due to a late frost, the plum harvest is smaller this time; however, our producers remain optimistic for the next season.

A large delivery of pears has already arrived in the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Further containers will arrive in the next weeks. There will be fresh apples from mid-March.

The European goods are meanwhile for the most part consumed or stored in cold storage. Since the demand is still large, the harvest fresh fruit is being shipped at just the right time.

The European apples are stored in part after the autumn harvest until late spring. Then their eco-balance is at the tipping point because an apple cooled for a long time often produces more greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the energy-intensive storage than an Argentinian one, which arrives by ship fresh from the harvest.

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