• 🎬 Start of the Nadorcott mandarin season in Morocco

    While winter still prevails in Western Europe and the trees remain bare, sun-kissed Nadorcott mandarins are now making their way to us from Morocco.
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  • Start of the ginger & turmeric season in Costa Rica

    The first container of the year is now on its way from Costa Rica to Europa – filled with fresh organic ginger and turmeric. The beginning of the season coincides with the start of the new year 2021 and promises to be very exciting.
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  • Coronavirus news in November

    The coronavirus crisis is omnipresent, in the media, in society as a whole. In all locations, including in our offices, in the fields and in the packing stations, we have adapted our procedures to comply with the requirements and restructured them where necessary. So how are things looking at the moment?
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  • Coronavirus support provided for Costa Rica

    We want to provide our workforce and smallholders with the best possible support, even in difficult times. We therefore applied for financial assistance from DEG Bank, in order to be able to take faster, and above all far-reaching, local action.
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  • Start of the mango season in Senegal

    It's that time again: peak season in Senegal in the fields and in the packing depot. The ripe mangos are being harvested continuously and prepared for transportation to Duisburg.
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  • 85,000 bananas from Milagros for the Bio Brotbox campaign

    For this year’s Bio Brotbox campaign, BioTropic donated around 85,000 bananas from Milagros in the Dominican Republic in total.
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  • “SmartFresh”: when your apple is one year old…

    The apples on the supermarket shelves are at their crispest, and are one thing above all: naturally fresh. But even months later some apples look as good as new. How is that possible?
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  • Organic apples from overseas – environmentally friendly?

    Why an organic apple from overseas is preferable to a conventional apple.
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  • High-tech mango ripening & sorting facilities at BioTropic

    Finally we are ready: Our four mango ripening chambers and our new mango sorting machine are installed at BioTropic’s main site in Duisburg!
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A journey to Ivory Coast

In order to give an impression of how the organic cultivation of products in the Ivory Coast works and to introduce our projects on site, we have embarked on a journey with a few customers to the plantations on site. The impressions and experiences are difficult to express in just a few sentences.

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Apple Blossom Time with Hubert Bois

On 23rd April, Sascha Suler and Regina Kerz from BioTropic paid a visit to Meckenheim – the “apple paradise” on the Rhine near Bonn. Their destination was the agricultural facility of Hubert Bois, a Demeter farmer with extensive experience and BioTropic shareholder. In the sunshine and Spring temperatures, Bois’ apple trees are now in full bloom. The numerous blossoms promise a good apple harvest this year. 

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On the road with BioTropic in Apulia and Basilicata

Supplier visit BioTropic: On the road with customers in Italy

Supplier visit with customers

In mid-March, we travelled to the southern tip of Italy with customers. The regions of Apulia and Basilicata offer optimum growing conditions for a multitude of different fruit and vegetables. This meant that our customers got the chance to see directly who the producers are that we have confidently worked together with for years. Our Italian colleagues Ivana Giannico, Romana Slusarek and agricultural engineer Mauro Finotti accompanied us on the trip. And who are the producers? We introduce a few here:

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Organic apples from overseas – environmentally friendly?

organic apple

Why an organic apple from overseas is preferable to a conventional apple

When spring really gets going in Europe, and everywhere plants are sprouting and blooming, the apple season here has long since ended. At this time of year, European apples are only available from cold storage. In other parts of the world, however – in Argentina and New Zealand, for example – juicy-fresh apples are being harvested. But what about sustainability? Don’t these apples require lots of resources? After all, first they need to be transported to Europe.

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