• Coronavirus support provided for Costa Rica

    We want to provide our workforce and smallholders with the best possible support, even in difficult times. We therefore applied for financial assistance from DEG Bank, in order to be able to take faster, and above all far-reaching, local action.
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  • Start of the mango season in Senegal

    It's that time again: peak season in Senegal in the fields and in the packing depot. The ripe mangos are being harvested continuously and prepared for transportation to Duisburg.
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  • Reports on the corona crisis from our offices

    The coronavirus has the entire world in its clutches. We asked our employees at BioTropic branches what the situation looks like to them. You can read their reports here.
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  • Sun-drenched Moroccan Nadorcott mandarins

    While winter still prevails in Western Europe and the trees remain bare, sun-kissed Nardorcott mandarins make their way to us from Morocco.
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  • 85,000 bananas from Milagros for the Bio Brotbox campaign

    For this year’s Bio Brotbox campaign, BioTropic donated around 85,000 bananas from Milagros in the Dominican Republic in total.
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  • Mangos from Senegal: From harvest to export crate

    Our buyer, David Buitenhuis recently visited Senegal for the first time. There he visited the Buur Sine Cooperative, which supplies its organic mangoes to BioTropic.
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  • “SmartFresh”: when your apple is one year old…

    The apples on the supermarket shelves are at their crispest, and are one thing above all: naturally fresh. But even months later some apples look as good as new. How is that possible?
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  • Organic apples from overseas – environmentally friendly?

    Why an organic apple from overseas is preferable to a conventional apple.
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  • High-tech mango ripening & sorting facilities at BioTropic

    Finally we are ready: Our four mango ripening chambers and our new mango sorting machine are installed at BioTropic’s main site in Duisburg!
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BioTropic: New Branch in Costa Rica

If anyone asks our employees what their favourite part of working for BioTropic is, the answer is nearly always the same: The global nature of BioTropic.

Another global network is emerging with our new branch in Costa Rica. BioTropic currently has seven offices around the world – five in Europe, one in South America, and the new addition in Central America. This means that we can operate directly on location with producers, and meet them face to face.

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Organic ginger and organic turmeric from Costa Rica

Just arrived in April: organic ginger and organic turmeric from Costa Rica. One of the producers is Alcides Muriollo who has fields in the area around Upala, a region in North Costa Rica near the border to neighbouring Nicaragua. Agriculture is Muriollo’s main source of income and his entire family of seven is incorporated in the process. Whether cultivation, marketing or business management, everyone has their role. In addition to this, Muriollo is also an employer of 20 people in the area for which the Costa Rican ministry named him, together with two other farmers, “Best producer of 2015”.

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Ivory Coast: BioTropic is setting the course for optimised organic farming

Shortly after the first dry season of this year, Messan N’ditsi and Heinz-Peter Christiansen travelled to the pineapple fields of the producer association Ivoire Organics. The BioTropic agricultural engineer N‘ditsi and the ecology pioneer Christiansen took a look at the fields and soil in order to jointly develop further ideas for sustainable soil quality. Christiansen is a specialist in soil fertility and organic seed production from North Germany. We asked him to contribute his expertise.

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